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Laundry and bathroom
Conveniently place a large number of things in the bathroom is not easy enough, but you can make it easier for yourself by purchasing convenient shelves for the bathroom, and high-quality moisture-proof furniture for laundry will help you organize the space properly. Create a progressive design of your washroom with Elfa.

The laundry room, as a rule, is filled with special laundry detergents, basins and other things that need to be put in their places. Also, the ironing room also needs in order. In both cases, convenient and durable shelving will be an excellent solution. Shelving for the bathroom, in turn, will help to place hygiene products, towels and other necessary things. Thanks to them, storage in the bathroom will be much easier. You will be surprised how the proper organization of the space in the bathroom will help to change the look of this room.
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